ANZ Overhauls Management Style to Improve CX

Australia and New Zealand Banking Group (ANZ) is implementing a company-wide “Scaled Agile” approach to organising and delivering work in a drive to further improve customer experience (CX).

Scaled Agile is already used by digital companies such as Spotify and Google, and in large financial services companies such as ING and ABN AMRO. It is a proven approach for running businesses based on small, collaborative, self-directed teams focused on delivering continuous improvement in CX.

ANZ already uses agile to deliver around 20% of technology and digital projects including initiatives such as Apple Pay. “We were able to go from the idea of the Apple Pay concept to actually having something in market in about 10 weeks,” says ANZ Chief Executive Officer, Shayne Elliott.

“In the digital age, customer expectations are being redefined by their experiences with businesses like Amazon and Apple. We need to break with some of the traditional 20th century approaches to organising and working to ensure we are more responsive to 21st century customer expectations.”

This video interview with Shayne Elliott and BlueNotes explains more, and also reveals why ANZ decided to shake up its management style with this agile-based transformation.

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