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Brands Underestimate Personalisation “Creep” Factor

Mark Angus
Written by Mark Angus

The impact personalisation strategies is having on the customer-brand relationship was brought under the spotlight with a recent survey.

Source: 2018 CX Trends Survey

A whopping 75% of consumers say that personalisation that gets too personal is somewhat creepy, with 40% of brands admitting to being creepy. And while half of customers say they’d keep shopping with a brand after a creepy experience, 22% report they will leave for other brands. Additionally, they’ll tell their networks — one in five will tell friends, while one in 10 will share on social media.

The new study from InMoment also reveals that, despite CX maturing as an accepted, even foundational business practice, brands still have significant blind spots when it comes to truly understanding their customers.

“Whether it’s how brands are using personal information or the impact of missed expectations, companies continue to underestimate their customers,” says Brennan Wilkie, SVP of CX strategy at InMoment.

“Today’s consumers are savvy, they want to be included in decisions, they want transparency, and they want real value in exchange for sharing personal information or spending their money. The brands that see the new landscape as an opportunity instead of a burden and focus their efforts on building authentic relationships with customers are seeing massive benefits.”

Other key findings revealed in the report include:

  • Millennials are misunderstood: Misconceptions regarding the now-largest spending block abound. Millennials are the most sensitive of all age groups regarding their personal information and really value in-person —not just digital — commerce.
  • Memorable experiences are emotional experiences: Forget price and selection — strong emotions like anger and feeling special are what turn a simple experience into fuel for future behavior.
  • Human capital can make or break CX: While 65% of customers report that staff interaction highly influenced positive sentiment, 74% also say poor staff experiences were the most significant contributor to a bad brand interaction.

The 2018 CX Trends Report surveyed more than 1,000 brands and 2,000 consumers to find out where both groups aligned or disconnected on various CX topics. The study found that nearly a third of customers (32 %) did not have a positive memorable experience with a brand in the past year, despite only 16% of brands reporting that they under-delivered.




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