What Flavour of Digital Is Required for Your Business?

Customer Experience World, London, May 23 – 24

Everyone is open to digitisation – the question is what flavour of digital is required and for which functional aspect of the business? The burning issue remains understanding the balance between human intervention and digital penetration. Or simply put – Will Robots Steal our Jobs?

The next Customer Experience World Conference 2017 is being held in London on 23 and 24 May (view the video above for the Johannesburg highlights). During the Day Two workshops, delegates will be able to brainstorm a particular aspect of their business that they would like to ‘digitise.’ This will be discussed among working party ‘teams’ consisting of 10-12 multi-disciplined participants from a mix of market verticals.

Each company represented by the participants will present a precise outline of their digital project clearly stating:

  • The intended objective;
  • The impact it will have on the business;
  • The elements that exist within the business that may prevent them executing the desired outcome, and;
  • The plans required to resolve these elements.

The challenge you are facing will ultimately be determined by whether your business is content to maintain the status quo and protect the existing castle, or whether your business is willing to challenge the old and design a new palace.

Good News! Even though the video mentions the CEW2017 Conference in Johannesburg, Duncan Wallace will be facilitating the Day Two workshops at the CEW2017 London Conference taking place on 23 and 24 May.


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