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Video: 10 Steps to Glowing Customer Service Reviews

Let’s face it. There are many companies out there that need to get their customer service in line – and yours, odds are reasonable, may be one of them. ​It can be hard when you discover that your contact centre, business unit or department falls short of delivering satisfactory customer services – and the proof is always in the surveys and polls (both internal and external). Micah Solomon​, a customer service consultant, speaker, trainer, and bestselling author,​ has helped many clients address unfavourable survey results and, as he says: “I help my client companies face down poor survey results all the time, and, while we hate poor results as much as you do, we don’t find them fearsome, because we know what to do to turn them around.” This video is based on a ten-step process developed by Micah to get glowing customer service reviews and survey results.

You can connect with Micah on his site or email him at: has published previous posts by Micah Solomon including: “How to Copy the Apple Store’s Magic CX Formula“.

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