The Roller Coaster Telecoms Journey

As consumers’ digital demands increase, telecommunications companies (known in the industry as telecoms) must reimagine their business models to better address the inherent expectations of highly-informed, multi-service customers when they purchase internet, television, mobile, and/or home phone services.

Telecoms are increasing the value of their products and services at warp speed, but consumers fail to understand or acknowledge the complexities of the telecom delivery model.

Digital Natives
As digital natives age into purchasing positions, telecoms must learn to manage a growing customer pool that is technologically savvier than past customers. Digital natives are heightening expectations across all lines of service and prove much harder to please than digital immigrants. Even when younger customers find value in their service provider, their familiarity with this industry and their above-average expectations overshadow positive feelings.

Take internet, for example. Although customers aged 18-34 rank their value perceptions of their internet service higher than older consumers (14% to 11%, respectively), their satisfaction is comparable and their likelihood to recommend lower. Customers aged 18-34 are also more difficult to maintain long term, with 21% of them having been with their internet provider for less than one year, as compared to 14% of customers aged 35-54 and just 9% of customers aged 55 or older.

Telecoms Journey
Consumer relationships with telecoms are comprised of many experiences over time and spanning an ongoing customer telecoms journey. The key phrase here is “over time,” meaning that customers’ expectations, desires, and needs are subject to change over years of service. Engaging consumers in the right ways at the right times helps turn them into brand loyalists, particularly around key benchmarks like the one-year anniversary. This period is make-or-break for telecoms.

The Customer Experience in the Telecom Industry Report (2017) highlights consumer feelings about their experiences, overall satisfaction, and likelihood to recommend telecommunications providers. This video provides a snap shot of some of the key findings and the roller coaster telecoms journey that service providers face with their customers.

Source: extracts from the The Customer Experience in the Telecom Industry Report (2017) by InMoment

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