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CX Management Benchmark Report of US Consumers Released

CX Management
Mark Angus
Written by Mark Angus

CX management received deeper focus in a new research report that provides insights into key areas of consumer expectations in using multiple channels for customer care. Traditional care (phone, email, and in-person) and interactive care (online or video chat, FAQ, and self-help) are covered in the survey. Social media care (Twitter, Facebook, forums), and mobile care (apps, SMS, and mobile chat) are also explored.

Consumer Expectations Flattened

The CXMB series is a resource for customer care professionals, looking to enhance their customer care programmes and customer satisfaction. U.S. consumers in all age groups and geographic regions were were asked to participate in the survey. Customer care experience and insights regarding specific channels were both highlighted. Two new sections covering purchase experience and customer effort were also included in this year’s report.

CX ManagementConsumer opinion toward customer care’s ability to meet needs and expectations has flattened after two consecutive years of solid improvements, the survey notes. “The 2017 Consumer Edition of the CXMB Series is our most comprehensive to date,” says Chad McDaniel, President and CEO of Execs In The Know. “In addition to comparing data over the years to identify trends and patterns, we continue to expand questions and sections that are important to today’s CX Professional. Our community find the reports valuable and use these insights to benchmark, learn, and plan their future approach.”

Key Insights from the 2017 CX Management Survey:
  • Consumer opinion toward customer care’s ability to meet needs and expectations has flattened.
  • 2017 saw the lowest percentage of consumers avoiding interacting with customer care.
  • Resolution and satisfaction rates for multichannel engagements continue to be impacted.
  • In-person shoppers place far more value on good customer service than online shoppers.

The 2017 Consumer Edition of the Customer Experience Management Benchmark (CXMB) Series, published by Execs In The Know and COPC Inc., is available here to download.

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