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ZaiLab Boldly Voyages in to the US Market

Mark Angus
Written by Mark Angus

Have you ever belonged to an organisation that you know is going somewhere – you just don’t know how far or to what magnitude?

Have you ever been on the team of Elon-musk-type visionaries as they chart new territory and pioneer revolutionary innovations and technology?

That’s the feeling one gets when you enter the ZaiLab offices in Cape Town, South Africa. You’re met with the unconventional. The avant-garde interior of a tech start-up that feels like one is stepping on to the bridge of the Starship Enterprise.

Led by entrepreneur, adventurer and visionary Nour Addine Ayyoub, ZaiLab offers a pay-as-you go, omnichannel contact centre solution boosted by AI, based in the cloud, and built for businesses of any size.

The company is aggressively targeting the US market.

Just recently Zailab exhibited at the Enterprise Connect expo in Orlando. Now the crew of the SS ZaiLab are jumping back aboard the ZaiTruck and heading to Las Vegas for Customer Contact Week (CCW) taking place from 18–22 June 2018.

Billed as the world’s largest customer contact event, CCW attracts over 2500 attendees from 900 companies from across the globe.

Known for attracting attendees from big brands like Amazon, FedEx, Intel, Visa, Adidas, Target, Microsoft and 3M, CCW offers a first look at hot new trends in tech and inspiring advice on contact centre best practices from business leaders.

‘We made an impact at Enterprise Connect and we’re looking to gain more traction at CCW,’ says ZaiLab sales director Fokion Natsis. “ZaiLab is gaining a reputation for bringing the wow factor and we’re excited to introduce our AI innovations to contact centre end users.”

The ZaiTruck – a custom-designed space vehicle built atop a solid MAN KAT 6×6 chassis – has become more than a mascot for the company, representing not only Nour Addine’s vision but everything the company stands for.

Since then the ZaiTruck has become more than a mascot for the company watched by many fans in the States and elsewhere as it embodies, and drives, ZaiLab’s mission to boldly go where not many (Capetonian) tech startups have gone before.

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